Wild Beach Resort Shuttle Bus

Pick-up and drop-off service

Welcome to Wild Beach Resort’s website! today’s blog is about Wild Beach’s pick-up and drop-off service from/to Nha Trang city or Cam Ranh Airport which we provide, along with their prices and necessary information. Please continue to read below!
First thing to notice is that this is NOT a complimentary scheduled shuttle bus service from Nha Trang to Wild Beach, if you are looking for this free shuttle, please read more here.
Well, this is a private pick-up and drop-off service for you once you choose to book it. The car we use is a 16-seat car so it surely will be comfortable for you and your group. Furthermore, we get to choose your own departure time!


We have two options:
  • Pick-up car from Wild Beach to Nha Trang or the other way around: 
    • 4-seat car: 700,000 VND nett
    • 16-seat car: 1,300,000 VND nett
  • Pick-up car from Wild Beach to Cam Ranh Airport or the other way around:
    • 4-seat car: 1,000,000 VND nett
    • 16-seat car: 1,600,000 VND nett

All prices above are quoted per one way, not two ways.

This service has a fee but it would be more comfortable and convenient if your arrival time does not match Wild Beach’s free scheduled shuttle car, and you prefer a little more privacy in your transportation. Actually if you travel in group of friends or family, the cost per person for this private car is not high at all

Rules and Regulations

Last but not least, we also have some rules and regulations when using our Wild Beach Resort’s pick-up and drop-off service, please read through carefully:
  • The car is not always available so please reserve as soon as you get your travel plan ready. First come first serve!
  • You are required to provide us your flight/train number and exact arrival time. You are responsible for the accuracy of these information and do not forget to let us know if there’s any change on these details.
  • This service requires a deposit
That’s it for today. Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay tuned for more updates and we really hope to welcome you to Wild Beach soon! The sea is awaiting you, always!
Wild Beach Resort Shuttle Bus