Seafood hotpot at Wild Beach Resort

Squid hotpot with malabar spinach | Wild Beach favourite dishes

Hello Wild Beach lovers, welcome back to our blog section! As you may notice, the weather has changed to be more rainy and chill these days, which marks the perfect time for hotpot dishes! Imagine sitting by the beach at night with cool wind and peaceful sounds of the waves, in front of a simmering, ready-to-eat hotpot! Sounds so appealing and yummy already, right?
At Wild Beach Resort, we do serve different hotpot dishes, however today we’re going to introduce to you the most-wanted hotpot: Squid hotpot with malabar spinach! Please just read through!
Squid hotpot with malabar spinach at Wild Beach Resort

Squid hotpot with malabar spinach: the origin & the ingredients

Squid hotpot is said to originate from the central coastal province Phu Yen, neighbor of Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang. Nowadays it has become very popular in many coastal cities of Vietnam. From a casual family dish, it has made its way to many seafood restaurants across the country. The hotpot is always considered a perfect choice for chilly nights after the rain, the families or friends gather together for a warm and cozy dinner.
Unlike other hotpots which consist of many different meats and vegetables, this local specialty is made of one single seafood and one single vegetable only: fresh squid served with malabar spinach, both ingredients are popular in Vietnam central regions and both bring a great deal of vitamins and nutrition to the table.
To make the broth/soup, it’ll require some white radish, lemongrass, ginger, white pepper and shallots. The chef will use a certain amount of minced squid to slow cook with the above ingredients, adding some high quality Vietnamese or local fish sauce to make a perfect broth. When it comes to serving, the server will bring the fresh squid, fresh malabar leaves and rice vermicelli to the guest table, following with the simmering pot of the broth.
Seafood hotpot at Wild Beach Resort

Squid hotpot with malabar spinach: the taste

If you has been familiar with hotpot that contains a handful of meats and veggies to select, you might have a feeling that this squid hotpot will be boring. To your surprise, it tastes amazingly delicious! The broth is strongly filled with pure sweetness of the fresh squid, enhanced by the freshness, mild and pleasant flavour of the malabar leaves. The starch that is usually served along with this hotpot is rice vermicelli, which, with its “transparent” light rice taste, intentionally makes the seafood flavour stand out.
 Don’t expect an explosion of different contrast flavours in your mouth. Instead, the sweet taste will be the main note that calmingly flows into your mouth and enlighten your taste bud.
If you ever decide to try hotpot when staying in Wild Beach, do give this dish a try. All of our hotpot dishes are available at a very affordable price, all serving a portion for two. This dish is one true specialty of the central coast region, so let it add some more real experiences in your vacation!
Seafood hotpot at Wild Beach Resort