Wild Beach Sea View Room

What room should you choose at Wild Beach?

Welcome back to Wild Beach Resort’s blog where we share our stories to our valued guests! Today is all about the guest rooms!
As you may already know, we have 5 different room types at Wild Beach Resort, each with different characteristics and features. So, the most suitable room type for you might vary depending on your group size and who you are travelling with.
We have come up with some “Wild Beach-recommended” room choices for different traveler groups, please read below and pick out your most favourite room type!

For couples

If you are travelling with your spouse then “romance” is usually one of the boxes on your list when choosing a room. We have a perfect recommendation for you:
  • Deluxe Sea View: think about this room as a more superior version of the regular Sea View room. What’s more special is that this rooms has a sea-view-bathroom along with a more private balcony. Situated on the higher hill area, it’s guaranteed that you will have an absolutely stunning view of the ocean, and of course, the sunrise. And who doesn’t love sunrises?
  • Sea Rock: on a tight budget? Our Sea Rock garden view room might not be as obviously romantic like the Deluxe Sea View, but it has its own charm! The bathroom is partially outdoor, so you will get to enjoy a unique shower right under the sky with your loved one!
  • Sea View: last but not least, anyone can be satisfied with our most-popular room: an affordable sea view double room to enjoy the sun, the sea and many more moments with your “the one”.
Sea View balcony
Sea View balcony
Sea Rock outdoor bathroom at Wild Beach Resort
Sea Rock outdoor bathroom
Deluxe Sea View bathroom
Deluxe Sea View bathroom

For bigger group (friends, company's colleagues etc.):

You are with your buddies or in a company’s team building trip that needs more rooms and they must be close to each other? Here’s our pick:
  • Mix of Sea Rock & Sea View: they have the most rooms in the resort; they are two blocks of rooms that’s opposite to each other and most important, their room rates are the lowest among other two bed-room bungalows in Wild Beach! Please contact us to have best offer for big groups!
  • Beach Bungalow: our Beach Bungalows (maximum capacity of 4 adults each) are perfect for a small group of friends who prefer more privacy. Two adjacent Bungalows give you a whole private yard for your own BBQ nights or party. Your group also enjoys a spectacular sea view and your own walkway to the beach! Wild Beach even organized a small and cozy wedding right at our Bungalows, you can see!

For families with kids:

Sea Rock Garden View at Wild Beach Resort

Sea View and Sea Rock rooms are opposite to each other, suitable for big groups who want to stay close together.

Wild Beach Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalows have their own yard to hold private BBQ parties or social events.

If you have babies and kids in your family, we know exactly what kind of rooms will meet your needs:
  • Ocean Suite & Beach Bungalow: these two rooms are the top room types at Wild Beach Resort! They both have beachfront location, two bedrooms, two separate bathrooms and located right next to the restaurant and the pool. The differences are: the junior bedroom of Beach Bungalow has air-con when Ocean Suite’s junior room doesn’t; and Beach Bungalow has its own yard and garden! You can enjoy a more convenient stay when your room is perfectly connected to everywhere: the pool, the restaurant and the beach!
  • Sea Rock (the ones near the restaurant): well, we have 4 Sea Rock rooms that are not on the higher hill area and don’t have outdoor bathroom. Instead, they are located next to the restaurant and also has garden view, together with a spacious indoor bathroom. So if you want to be staying near the restaurant, the beach and prefer a more affordable room, this is the one for you! Just let our team know when you book Sea Rock and we will arrange the right room for you!

We hope with this blog, you can have better understanding about our rooms and can get to choose the right one to make your stay more memorable. Thanks a lot and see you soon at Wild Beach!