Seafood sauna at Wild Beach Resort

Seafood sauna | Wild Beach favourite dishes

Have you ever heard an old saying: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Indeed, especially when travelling, you need good food to light up your mood! Today, our Wild Beach Resort’s blog is going to introduce and recommend to you some of our best dishes that have become most-favorite and most-chosen among our dinners. Please read through!

Wild Beach seafood sauna: the making

Wild Beach’s seafood sauna can be best described as “hot stone-steamed seafood with local aromatic herbs”. Its cooking technique, using hot stones, brings such a new twist to the traditional steamed seafood favorite. To make this dish, the chef first needs to burn a number of selected dark stones on a very large open fire, until the stones all turn red. Then, he or she quickly pours the stones into a pot, covers them with fresh seafood (fish, shrimps and squid). The final layer on top is the local aromatic herbs: such as basil, saw leaves, mint leaves, ginger, lemongrass etc.

Seafood sauna at Wild Beach Resort
Burning dark stones on an open fire
Seafood sauna at Wild Beach Resort
Putting local aromatic herbs into seafood pot

Wild Beach seafood sauna: the serving

The serving of this seafood sauna dish is quite amusing to watch! The server bring the tightly-closed pot of hot-stone, seafood and herbs to the table, then quickly open the lid, pour a glass of water inside and close it again. The diners will immediately get to smell the fresh, aromatic smells of the herbs inside as the steam spreads. Unlike smoke from grilled food, this is steam out of water that already blends with fresh aromatic herbs, so you won’t feel any uncomfortable with it but quite refreshing, on the contrary!
Now you understand where the name “seafood sauna” comes from, don’t you?
Seafood Sauna at Wild Beach Resort

Wild Beach seafood sauna: the taste

The sweetness of fresh seafood is still contained inside the meat, not leaking out because no boiled water was used. You will get to taste both its texture and its original taste which are blended so well with tropical aromatic herbs.
Seafood sauna at Wild Beach Resort

Our seafood sauna will make a perfect summertime dish for you, who have just enjoyed the sun, the sea and the natural landscape of Wild Beach. Now it’s time to taste the ocean for dinner, don’t you think so?